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News: Flooding in four districts in Gambella region displaces more than four thousand households

A total of 4,139 households are displaced in the flooding. Picture: Gambella regional state press secretariat office.

Addis Abeba – Gatbel Moon, disaster risk management bureau head of the Gembella regional state, said that more than four thousand households have been displaced from their homes due to flooding that affected four districts of the region.

Joint efforts between the regional government and relevant stakeholders are underway to provide immediate humanitarian assistance to the displaced, the regional state’s press secretariat office said.

According to Gatbel heavy rains that fell in the highlands of the country triggered the flooding in different Kebelles located in Lare, Mekoi, Wantuwa Woredas as well as in Itang special Woreda.

Out of the four districts affected by the floods, a total of 4,139 households have been displaced from their homes and are temporarily resettled in dry land areas. Of the displaced, 2040 are from Itang Special Woreda; 1000 are from Lare Woreda; 619 are from and 480 are from Mekoi woreda. Furthermore, the flooding has caused severe damage to Jikao woreda. Gatbel also stated that the flooding has caused damage to livestock and household properties. The displaced are in need of urgent assistance which would be facilitated by the regional state government and relevant stakeholders.

The chief administrator of Itang Special Woreda, Ubong Gilo, on his part said that out of the 2040 households displaced in the Special Woreda 897 are from Bazel, 783 from Pilual and 360 from Biljakok Kebelles (small districts).

Similarly, Long Pel, the chief administrator of Lare Woreda, said that the flooding that affected more than 1000 households in the Woreda happened in nine different kebelles. Those who were displaced from Bazel and Pilual Kebelles said many of them were caught in flash floods, rendering them unable to collect essentials before running away with their children to save their lives. They requested the government to provide them with urgent assassinate in the dry areas where they are currently sheltered, the press secretariat office said. AS

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