News: Gov’t reaffirms commitment, boasts practical measures following TPLF’s call for full implementation of Pretoria peace agrmt.

In a statement released on 01 February, 2024, the federal government reiterates its steadfast dedication to confronting the challenges in the Tigray region by fully implementing the Pretoria Peace Agreement (Photo: AFP)

Addis Abeba – Following the release of a statement by the Tigray Peoples Liberation Front (TPLF) urging the full implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, the federal government reaffirms its unwavering commitment to addressing challenges in the Tigray region through the comprehensive execution of the accord.

In a statement issued yesterday, the Government Communication Service emphasizes that the federal government has adopted a pragmatic approach, allocating 37 billion birr for the Tigray region to bolster ongoing development initiatives across a range of sectors, such as education, health, agriculture, tourism, and others.

As per the statement, substantial progress has been achieved in the resolution of conflicts between the Tigray and Amhara regions, culminating in an agreement to address these issues through a constitutional plebiscite.

Moreover, the federal administration underscores its collaborative endeavors with relevant entities to facilitate the repatriation of internally displaced persons (IDPs) in the Tigray region to their native locales.

One such initiative entails the establishment of the National Rehabilitation Commission (NRC), instituted at the federal level in December 2022, to oversee the demobilization and rehabilitation of former combatants.

The federal government asserts that appropriate measures have been implemented to address crimes associated with the war, underscoring its commitment to holding those accountable for wrongdoing.

Furthermore, the federal government announces the completion of the draft for the transitional justice policy, a crucial milestone for subsequent endeavors. It emphasizes the integral role of the Tigray region, alongside all other regions, in the success of this process.

The statement also noted that the federal government acknowledged the communication released by the TPLF, which delineated discussions held over a period of 41 days regarding various issues.

In a communication addressed “to the government, international community and supporters,” the TPLF released a statement on 31 January, 2024. It  advocates for the complete enforcement of the Pretoria Peace Agreement, dialogue grounded in its provisions, affirmation of the territorial integrity of Tigray, the repatriation of displaced individuals to their respective villages, accelerated reconstruction efforts in Tigray, and the prosecution of individuals responsible for humanitarian crimes under international law.” AS

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