News: Gov’t says French Journalist Antoine Galindo arrested for reporting on ‘domestic affairs’ without accreditation

Antoine Galindo, a journalist accredited to Africa Intelligence arrested in Addis Abeba on 22 February (Photo:CPJ)

Addis Abeba – The Federal Communication Service said on Wednesday that French journalist Antoine Galindo was arrested while reporting on domestic affairs without proper accreditation.

Selamawit Kassa, state minister for the service, during a media briefing this morning, stated that the journalist was in Ethiopia after receiving accreditation to cover the 37th AU Summit, but was found “gathering information about Ethiopia’s internal political issues.”

She further stated that he was interviewing leaders and members of various political parties as well as activists involved in politics. “He has been carrying out activities totally outside the purpose of his visit since the day he set foot in Addis Ababa under the guise of journalism,” the state minister said.

She pointed out that it is illegal for journalists to work outside of the purpose for which they were given accreditations.

Antoine Galindo, a journalist working for Africa Intelligence was detained on 22 February 2024, by security forces in Addis Abeba while conducting an interview with Bate Urgessa, a political officer of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF), a legally registered opposition party.

He was presented before the Addis Abeba City Administration Bole Division Court on Saturday, accused of “conspiring with two armed groups, the OLA-Shene and the Fano militia, to incite unrest in the capital,” as reported by CPJ.

Indigo Publications, the publisher of Africa Intelligence, stated that Galindo possessed valid journalist credentials to cover other news events in addition to the recently held African Union summit, and had duly informed the Ethiopian Media Authority of his journalistic assignment. 

The company characterized the allegations against Galindo as “baseless and lacking in merit.”

On Monday, CPJ stated that Galindo was “carrying out legitimate journalistic duties” and urged Ethiopian authorities to “release him immediately without condition.”

Galindo is set to reappear before the court on Friday, 01 March 2024. AS

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