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News: Lamrot Kemal tells court unable to bring evidence to defend herself

Hachalu Hundesa.

By Mahlet fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba, December 2, 2021- Lamrot Kamal, appeared at the Federal High Court, Second Constitutional and Anti-Terrorism Bench to present her affirmative defense against charges of felony committed by negligence. Lamrot, however, failed to present her defense and told the court to proceed with the ruling on the prosecutor’s evidence at today’s hearing. 

Lamrot, one of the four suspects on involvement in the assassination of Hachalu Hundessa was granted bail earlier in November and allowed her to raise a defense citing article 575 of the criminal law.  

On November 18,the  Federal High Court, Second Constitutional and Anti-Terrorism Bench ordered the release of Lamrot Kemal on a 5,000 ETB bail.

After the supreme court cassation bench previously convert the terrorism charges against her as per  article 113 sub article Two,the charges were converted into felony committed by negligence allowing Lamrot to raise affirmative defense. 

The court adjourned the hearing until December 8,2021 to pass a ruling. AS

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