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News: Lidetu Ayalew banned from traveling abroad for the second time

Lidetu Ayalew

By Mahlet fasil @MahletFasil

Addis Abeba March 17, 2021– Founder and leader of the opposition Ethiopian Democratic Party Lidetu Ayalew was banned from travelling to the United States yesterday evening. This is the second time Lidetu was prevented from travelling to the US to get  medical treatment related to heart problems. Previously he was banned from travelling due to the charges he was facing.  Again he was prevented from leaving the country despite showing the evidence of acquittal by the court.  Oromia Supreme Court, East Shewa Permanent Bench has freed Lidetu of charges related to attempting to dismantle the constitutional order by force. 

Lidetu’s lawyer,  Mohamed Jima told Addis standard “They denied him travel because of his court case. But yesterday he showed them the court letter showing that all charges against him are dropped.” Lidetu was told to wait a little while at the airport according to Mohammed, moments later he was told that he cannot  leave the country because ‘there are orders that came from the top.’ 

On March 9, 2021, Lidetu announced on his official Facebook page that he is temporarily withdrawing from politics due to concerns about his health. He stated that he received instructions by his doctors to attend to both his mental and physical health. 

Addis Standard’s attempts to contact Bole International Airport Security office were not successful. AS

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