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News: Mohammed Deksiso free at last after missing for weeks

Mohammed Diksisso free at last. Picture: Family

By Siyanne Mekonnen @Siyaanne

Addis Abeba, July 10/2021– Mohammed Deksiso, the Jimma university graduate was released after nearly Five months of detention. Today he was freed from where he was held for over six weeks without his family’s knowledge of his whereabouts. He was arrested on February 14, 2021 after calling out ‘Free Jawar Mohammed, Justice for Hachalu Hundessa’ at a graduation ceremony of Jimma University which was broadcasted on live TV.

Him and the two others, Mulugeta Shitee, a lecturer at the university who was performing at the ceremony, and Wondimu Legesse Abba Dafar (PhD) who is the head of Public relations at Jimma University, were accused them of inciting violence and affiliation with an armed group. After the court granted them bail, the police in Jimma city accused them of participating in an alleged grenade attack which claimed the life of a government security force in Bocho Bore woreda, in the city.

Mulugeta and Legesse were subsequently released while Mohammed was taken to an undisclosed location. Mohammed’s rearrest prompted the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission to issue statements calling for his release

His brother Sultan Deksiso told Addis Standard at the time that his family didn’t know the whereabouts of Mohammed. After weeks of his family having no knowledge of his whereabouts Mohammed was brought to Addis Abeba. “I learned that Ormia special police brought him to Finfinee. I tried getting a hold of him but I was told that he was taken to Gelan.” Sultan told Addis Standard at the time.

Mohammed told Addis Standard that he was held in Gelan for a week before being transferred to Awash Melkassa.

“We were held in an unknown location in Awash Melkassa”

Mohammed Diksisso

Sultan disclosed that Oromia Supreme court ordered Oromia police to bring Mohammed to the court on July 8, 2021. However, the police explained that they don’t know where Mohammed is held, Sultan said. The court gave an alternate appointment to July 15, 2021 and ordered the police to bring Mohammed to court. Sultan learned that his brother was released from Awash Melkassa this morning.

Mohammed told Addis Standard that he was held in Gelan for a week before being transferred to Awash Melkassa. He indicated that he was physically assaulted while in detention, brushing it off by saying “Nothing that didn’t happen to every other Oromo happened to me. I didn’t sustain any serious injuries so I am alright.”

“We were held in an unknown location in Awash Melkassa. Me and many prominent Oromo politicians and artists were held in degrading conditions.” Mohammed said, while describing his Six weeks detention at Awash Melkassa. AS

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