News: National Movement of Amhara calls for peace talks amid ongoing conflict in Amhara region

The leader of NaMA, Belete Molla (PhD) is the current Ethiopian minister of Innovation and Technology (Photo:Nama/Facebook)

Addis Abeba – The National Movement of Amhara (NaMA) has issued an appeal to the government to engage in peace talks regarding the ongoing conflict in Amhara region between the federal government and a non-state militia group, Fano.

In a statement released yesterday, NaMA urged the government to carefully address the Amhara people’s demands, declare an immediate ceasefire, and encourage armed forces in the area to engage in peaceful discussions.

The party, whose leader is serving in PM Abiy Ahmed’s cabinet as minister of Innovation and Technology, emphasized the need for a credible, transparent, and inclusive negotiation process involving religious leaders, elders, scholars, and influential figures that would benefit all parties involved.

Additionally, NaMA called for an impartial investigation into human rights violations occurring during the conflict. NaMA also called on the people to create a conducive environment for addressing and clarifying the genuine concerns of the community and for the armed forces to sincerely engage in peace talks and declare an urgent ceasefire, disregarding mere political rhetoric.

The party emphasized the urgency of understanding the plight of the affected populace, particularly farmers facing losses during harvest time, students commencing school, and the lack of complete social infrastructure in crisis zones. It urged those engaged in armed struggle to respond positively to peaceful negotiations, considering the current circumstances.

A recent statement by the United Nations Office of High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) revealed that drone strikes by Ethiopian government forces in the Amhara region have resulted in the deaths of at least 20 civilians. The attacks targeted a school and a bus station over the past week, raising concerns about human rights abuses amidst ongoing clashes in Amhara.

In light of these facts, there has been increasing calls for all involved parties in the conflict in the Amhara region to engage in peace talks. Recently, the International Crisis Group has called upon the Ethiopian government to initiate peace talks to address the escalating conflict in the Amhara region. The Group emphasizes that the government faces a serious security threat from an armed insurgency in the area and urges authorities to address the root causes of the conflict that have fueled grievances in order to effectively resolve the unrest.

However, the government maintains that the security concerns in the region have subsided significantly. A day ago, the Ethiopian National Defense Force (ENDF) made an announcement that “the anti-peace force, which had been active in multiple regions within the North Showa Zone of the Amhara Region, has willingly surrendered as a direct result of the robust measures implemented by ENDF.” According to the military, this surrender marks a notable shift towards peace and stability in the area. AS

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