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News: Oromia, Harari and South West regional states endorse Joint Task Force decision to ban rallies, Oromia says out of “patience”

Followers of the EOTC observing the end of of Fast of Nineveh which was between Monday 06 to Wednesday 08 February, by wearing black to protest against what it said is a government supported coup attempt to overthrow the Holy Synod by the “illegal group.” Photo: Social Media

Addis Abeba – Oromia, Harari and South West Ethiopia People’s regional state have all issued statement in the last hour supporting the decision on Wednesday by the Ethiopian Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force banning unauthorized rallies.

In addition, the Oromia regional government said “our people” and the regional government have “run out of patience” at a “campaign of hatred and slander launched against the leadership and the Oromo people” by a group it accused who see “equality as injustice” and declared that it “will take the necessary legal measures to save the constitutional order.” Furthermore, it accused groups that it didn’t call by name of “moving to fulfill their evil political goals” using division between the religious fathers of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Church (EOTC).

“The fanatical groups of the old system, who wear the mask of religion, are conducting a campaign of hatred against the general public, especially the Oromo people, in a way that is against the constitutional order,” it said.

The region also called on “the public to play their role by exposing the activities that threaten the peace and security of our region.

The statement from the three regional governments came shortly after the Somali regional state government said it is “not appropriate to call for a peaceful demonstration that is not authorized by the appropriate body” and said “it will fulfill its responsibility to enforce the law by preventing and controlling any illegal activities based on the constitution and the decision of the Joint Task Force on security and safety” matters.

South West Ethiopia People’s regional state in its part said “it is not appropriate to call and organize an illegal demonstration that is not authorized by the appropriate body and it creates a security threat.”

The region urged the security forces in in the region “to fulfill their constitutional responsibility to carry out and implement the decision of the Joint Task Force.”

Similarly, the Harari regional state government said the region hopes the problems within the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church to be resolved in a peaceful way, with a high sense of responsibility. “The state government has a firm belief that it will be resolved in a manner that follows the internal procedures of the church,” it said.

But cautioned that the rally called by both sides on 12 February is not authorized by the government as it creates problems for the peace and public safety of the region. To that end the regional state said it will “provide the necessary support and cooperation” the government in its effort to discharge the “constitutional duties and responsibilities of maintaining peace and security” to the entire people of the region in all its movements.

The reactions from the regional states came a day after Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahdo Church (EOTC) Holy Synod in Addis Abeba said it that it will expand “the horizons of its planned and announced national and international peaceful demonstration on 12 February without interference from anyone.”

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“While informing that it will be held in its own square, the government’s role is to fulfill its governmental responsibility properly so that the procession ends peacefully,” the Synod said in response to a statement given by the Ethiopian Joint Security and Intelligence Task Force banning unauthorized rallies. AS

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