Batte Urgessa, Public Relations Bureau Head, OLF


Addis Abeba March 22, 2021 – In a statement released on its official facebook page, Oromo Liberation Front, has announced that Batte Urgessa, and his driver Wondosen Abdulkadir were arrested by Burayu police, Oromia Regional State. Batte was arrested while visiting colleagues detained at Burayu police station.

As of late Batte has been very vocal about the involvement of the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) in the party’s internal affairs as well as the government’s heavyhanded crackdown against the party leading to the arrest of his fellow members and the party’s subsequent withdrawal from the upcoming election.

Lammi Gemechu, a member of the OLF told Addis Standard that the reason for the arrest of Batte and Wondosen is not known yet. They were denied access to a defense lawyer. The pair have not appeared in court since their arrest on March 20, 2021. AS

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