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News: Police accuses Asrat Media journalists, camera crew of inciting communal violence through broadcast

From top left: Belay Manaye, Mulugeta Anberbir, Misganaw Kefelegn and Yonatan Mulugeta. Graphic design and pictures: Asrat Media

Addis Abeba, August 07/2020 – Police brought four members of Asrat Media to Federal First Instance Court Arada Branch where they were granted 13 more days to remand & investigate the four. Inn addition to journalists Belay Manaye & Mulugeta Anberbir, cameramen Misganaw Kefelegn & Yonatan Mulugeta were arrested, Asrat Media reported.

The police accused the four of using the media to incite communal violence. As per Asrat Media, the police said the accused were involved in broadcasting inciting programs through Asrat TV, (which was recently closed by the government), between November 2019 & June 2020 saying that the Amhara people were being repressed, and that the government was unable to protect the Amhara people.

The police further allege that these broadcasts have caused communal violence in places such as Dembi Dollo and Oda Bulto in Oromia regional state which resulted in the death of civilians and property damage. The Police requested the additional days to dispatch team of investigators in these areas.

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On their part the four accused members of Asrat Media complained that they were not tested for coronavirus when they were placed in detention and that they were held together with other people who are also not tested for the virus. The cell they are held at is also located to a bathroom and is unclean, which is exacerbating journalist Belay Manaye’s previous sinus problem. Asrat Media has previously reported that families were denied access to provide food and clothing to the accused. AS

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