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News: Police investigating tragic killing of 9-year-old girl in Jigjiga, Somali region

Jigjiga, the capital city of Somali regional state (Photo: Abdirahman Isak/May 2020)

Addis Abeba – Police in Somali region’s capital Jigjiga are currently investigating the brutal murder of a 9-year-old girl named Fatuma Ugaas, who was raped and hanged with a rope inside her home compound on Sunday, 27 August, 2023.

Following the incident, Fatuma’s body was taken to Jigjiga Referral Hospital for further examination, according to Abdikadir Rashif, the communication director of the region. Abdikadir further told Addis Standard that doctors at the hospital discovered signs of sexual assault on her body, prompting a referral to Karamara Hospital. Subsequent medical examinations confirmed that she had been raped before her murder.

Currently, four men are under police custody in relation to the killing. Initial evidence suggests that one of these individuals, who had a nail injury on his body, may be involved. The investigation is ongoing, and the results will be announced once it is completed, Abdikadir stated.

Abdikadir also addressed the false propaganda that emerged following this heinous crime. “Opposing political parties circulated messages on social media, falsely attributing the murder to non-Somali individuals. Their attempt to stir up unrest and incite violence failed.”

He added that the city remains peaceful, with civilians going about their daily activities as usual. “While some individuals were briefly taken into police custody for their own safety, they were eventually released.”

On 27 October, 2022, Addis Standard reported another tragic incident involving the deliberate shooting of Juweria Subcis, a member of the ruling Prosperity Party central committee. Mohamed Guray, the deputy chief of security for the Somali regional state, confirmed the deliberate nature of the attack.

The shooting took place at Jigjiga Garad Wilwal Airport on 25 October and resulted in the death of Juweria Subcis. Her sister, Ayan Subcis, and a regional cabinet member, Abdirashid Mohammed, were also severely injured.

Addis Standard’s efforts to contact Fatuma’s family members for further information were unsuccessful. AS

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