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News: Puntland State Police announce killing of Ethiopian-born Daesh militia leader

Purported photo of Ethiopian born Abu-Albara Al Amani posted by Puntland State TV

Addis Abeba – Puntland State Police announced in a statement that Puntland security forces killed Ethiopian born head of operation of the Daesh militant group, Abu-Albara Al Amani, in an operation on 12 January.

According to a report by Puntland State TV, Puntland security has also prevented a planned attack by the militants targeting an army base in the Balidhidhin area, where Abu-Albara was killed..

Quoting a news release from the Puntland State Police Command, the Puntland State TV said that Abu-Albara Al Amani, who was appointed by Daesh militants as the head of operations of Daesh, was killed as a result of the battle against the militant group which was carried out by the Puntland Security Forces in the vicinity of the Calmikaad Mountains.

The statement added that Abu-Albara Al Amani was responsible of forcing several Ethiopians to join the Daesh group fighting in the Puntland region.

In the past, Puntland said that its forces killed the head of Daesh operations, Abu Waliid Al-Muhajir, near the Calmiskad mountains. The group then appointed Abu Albara to replace Abu Waliid in July 2021.

Daesh militant group, also known as ISIL, Islamic State, or ISIS, is a globally designated terrorist group. In Ethiopia, the group is known to have been behind the April 2015 grisly beheading of 28 Ethiopian and Eritrean Orthodox Christians in Libya. AS

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