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News: Regional states presidents, city mayors visit Tigray’s war ravaged factories in Wukro

Getachew Reda, center, along with the visiting regional state presidents, city mayors and party officials visiting Tigray’s war ravaged factories in Wukro. Photo: OBN

Addis Abeba – The visiting group of regional states presidents, city mayors and senior party officials who arrived in the Tigray region’s capital Mekelle this morning visited factories ravaged by the two years atrocious war in the region.

Accordingly, the officials have visited Sheba Leather Industry PLC, which produced export quality finished leather products including footwear and handbags, and Semayata Dimension Stone Factory, which produces granite tiles and slabs. Both are located in Wukro city, some 45 km from the regional capital of Mekelle.

In addition to health and education infrastructure, the manufacturing sector in the Tigray region is the other area that was completely wiped out by the war mainly as a result of deliberate targeting and looting, leaving thousands of works out of job and in despair.

Kassahun Follo, the President Confederations of Ethiopian Trade Unions (CETU, recently told Addis Standard that “the biggest problem will be how to help the employees whose factories have been completely destroyed.”

“…the damage is so huge,” Kassahun said. adding that “it is not difficult for anyone to imagine the extent of the harm that due to the war, there are no jobs, no wages, no supplies.”

Addis Standard also reported that among those completely destroyed are Almeda Textile PLC, Saba Stone, Ezana Mining Development PLC, and Sheba Leather Industry PLC, four subsidiary factories belonging to Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT), a leading conglomerate based in the region.

According to state media, the visiting delegation vowed to avail financial support to help the regional state’s ongoing efforts of the rehabilitation works. AS

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