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News: Ruling party says reversing geopolitical external pressure, finishing GERD & ensuring election priority for stable Ethiopia, Horn

The Executive Committee of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) held a meeting focusing on “several decisive issues”.
Picture: PM Abiy Ahmed’s Facebook Page

By Siyanne Mekonnen @Siyaanne

Addis Abeba, May 29/2021 -The central committee of the ruling party, Prosperity Party (PP), convened a meeting over the last two days and released a statement explaining the country’s stance on the affairs of diplomatic issues related to Ethiopia’s position in the horn’s geo-politics. 

In its statement, the PP said that the geopolitical atmosphere that Ethiopia is in has once again captured the attention of the world, reminding of the interference of many countries in regional politics in addition to building ports and trade routes around the Red Sea. The Party accused unnamed countries of trying to fulfill their interest over the Red Sea by weakening Ethiopia. “This is unacceptable.” the statement read, adding, “It should be known that we as a sovereign country do not wish to lose the interest of our nation to force and diplomatic pressure.” It was underscored that the country’s plan to secure interest over the Red Sea is based on give and take principles. “Our diplomatic history attests to our ability to work together peacefully to achieve common goals.” The statement also indicated that ,in addition to its geo-political significance in the Red Sea region, Ethiopia, being the source of the Nile, has the potential to determine state of affairs in the Horn of Africa and Northeast Africa. The PP drew the conclusion that the two geo-political reasons might threaten ‘those who are likely to be affected by Ethiopia’s growing influence in the Horn of Africa’.

The party also said that it believed that the region’s observers are not pleased with the renewed relations with Eritrea and the good relations and ties Ethiopia established in the region as a whole. The statement pointed out that the conflict on the Ethio-Sudan border ‘should not have happened’. The party expressed willingness to resolve the border issue peacefully, taking into account centuries long good relations with Sudan. “It is our hope that the Sudanese will emerge from expansionism and enticing conflict and stand for a peaceful solution.”  

The statement listed pitting Ethiopia against its neighbors, weakening its economy and creating religious and regional conflict within the country as one of the three ways ‘those who do not want to see Ethiopian civilization’ use to weaken the country. According to the statement, Ethiopia’s unsuccessful historical attempts to build the Nile dam and others are a result of impediments made to prevent Ethiopia from getting international aid and loans on top of countless wars that left the country landlocked. The party accused unnamed forces of enticing and supporting conflict with neighboring countries, backing rebel forces in the country as well as persuading donor countries to halt donations. 

On the other hand, the statement spoke of pressures being exerted on Ethiopia disguised as humanitarian aid access, peace and human rights. These diplomatic pressures as stated in the statement were said to be pulling the country back from implementing indigenous economic reforms. The statement classified Ethiopia’s problems as internal problems, which can be solved through time and external problems which were labeled as ‘urgent’. “There is no doubt that we will solve our internal problems; it is only a matter of time. But the external pressure does not give us time.” the statement read, adding, “Passengers on a ship can argue and compete only if the ship survived. There is no right, no dialogue, no debate, no negotiation, no cooperation, no competition while the ship is sinking. The same is true of a country’s affairs.” 

In its statement, the ruling party  vowed to ensure law enforcement by putting under control forces it says are responsible for the death and displacement of civilians. Additionally, the party said that it will continue to rehabilitate IDPs in different parts of the country as well as continue the reconstruction of infrastructures and provision of humanitarian assistance in the Tigray region.

The party called on Ethiopians to fulfill two national missions which it said will determine the future of Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The two national missions are to complete the second phase of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam and to successfully complete the general election, the statement said.  “The successful undertaking of the 6th general election will undoubtedly take the country’s transition to democracy one step further” the statement read and called on all stakeholders to work hard to ensure that the election is democratic and credible.

The statement concluded by calling for Unity and paying respect to Ethiopians who voiced the interests of Ethiopia in relation to the GERD and defended it against ‘pressures that challenged the country’s sovereignty’. AS

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