News: SoE operation command orders landlords to register their tenants’ identities at police stations within a week

By Addis Standard Staff 

Addis Abeba, November 11,2021- The state of emergency operation command yesterday passed additional orders in a statement where it discussed the implementation and achievements of the state of emergency. The operation command ordered house owners to register the identity of their tenants at nearby police stations within one week starting from the day the announcement was made. The command warned that measures will be taken on those who fail to implement the order.

Moreover, the operation command announced that, in a coordinated effort, the security forces were able to arrest offenders and confiscate illegal firearms. Without going into further details, the command spoke of efforts to tarnish the image of security forces, to intimidate them and prevent them from performing their duties. The command also noted that there are members of the security forces who want to take advantage of the opportunity and cautioned that strict measures should be taken based on clear evidence.  

The operation command said that it took measures on offenders involved in fraudulent money transfers outside of the rules and regulations of the National Bank of Ethiopia. Based on the state of emergency proclamation, the command ordered the National Bank to work with security forces to take strict measures on those banks operating outside of existing rules and regulations. “Strict measures shall be taken against those caught with any fraudulent money transfer documents,” the operation command warned.  

The state of emergency operation command assessed the implementation of the state of emergency proclamations, military measures taken during the course and discussed the achievements made after the announcement of the proclamation. AS

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