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News: Tigray interim admin CEO says Mekelle gets new mayor, urges civil servants to resume work and cautions door-to-door search for unlawful firearms begins today

Mulu Nega (PhD), CEO of Tigray regional state interim administration. Picture: ENA

Addis Abeba, Decemebr 15/2020 – Mulu Nega (PhD), CEO of Tigray regional state interim administration, told local media today that the interim administration has appointed a new mayor to the city of Mekelle, the capital. Without giving the name of the new appointee, Dr. Mulu further said that works were underway to rebuild Tigray together with various opposition party representatives, who are being assigned at leadership positions in the regional cabinet and various high level positions at the regional administration.

According to Dr. Mulu, among these opposition parties are Arena Tigray, Tigray Democratic Party (TDP) and Assimba Democratic Party (ADP).

 Arena Tigray, one of the oldest opposition parties in the regional state, is founded by Gebru Asrat, who was a member of TPLF/EPRDF before he departed the party in the wake of the early 2000 split within TPLF. Arena is currently chaired by Abraha Desta. TDP is led by Dr Aregawi Berhe, who was also former TPLF senior member who lived in exile until 2018. He was recently appointed as Director General of the Office of the National Council for the Coordination of Public Participation to the Construction of GERD. ADP, led by Dori Asgedom, is one of the four opposition parties that took part in the September 09/2020 Tigray regional state election representing the Irob community. It is to be remembered that both Arena Tigray and TDP have boycotted the September election in regional state.   

In a separate press statement Dr. Mulu gave on Sunday December 13, he cautioned civil servants in Tigray regional state to resume work as of Monday December 14.  He said that any civil servant who does not return to work on said date will be considered to have resigned voluntarily.

Business enterprises were also told to resume their activities on and that measures will be taken on those who fail to comply to resume business activities.

Dr. Mulu cautioned residents of Mekelle who are armed, either legally or illegally, to hand over their firearms until December 15. There will be a door-to-door search starting today and whoever is found with firearms will be held accountable, he cautioned.

Ethiopia’s Attorney general office has announced a region-wide State of Emergency in Tigray region on November 05 which is be led by a task force under the leadership of the army’s chief of staff and accountable to the office of the Prime Minister. Among the provisions given to the task force are imposing restrictions on the movement of firearms. AS

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