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News: UN Human Rights Office condemns execution of seven people in Kuwait, including an Ethiopian woman

Addis Abeba – The United Nation Human Rights Office, in a statement it issued yesterday, has condemned the execution of seven people in Kuwait on Wednesday.

Liz Throssell, spokesperson of the UN Human Rights Office, described the execution, “Disturbing”.

According to the statement, the victims include four Kuwaiti nationals- three men and a woman, an Ethiopian woman, a Pakistani man and a man from Syria.

The executions are a deeply regrettable step that come just days after a wide majority of States in the UN General Assembly called for a moratorium on the death penalty worldwide, it stated.

It has been reported that Kuwait has executed nearly 80 people since the 1960 mostly in connection to murder or drug cases.

The UN Human Right statement emphasized that the State of Kuwait is among some 38 countries that has been continuing executions and urged to cease such measures.

“Kuwait should halt all executions, immediately establish a formal moratorium on the use of the death penalty and commute the death sentences against those on death row,” the statement clarified.

The commission urged the Kuwaiti authorities to bring the country’s laws and practices in line with international standards. AS

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