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News: Wag Hemra Zone receives first aid convoy in more than a year

WFP convoy en route the Wag Hemra zone. Picture: WFP Ethiopia

Addis Abeba – World Food Program (WFP) truck convoy carrying humanitarian supplies crossed into the Abergele, Tsagbji & Ziqwala woredas in Wag Hemra zone, in the Amhara regional state, “for the first time in over a year,” WFP Ethiopia office said.

A recent news analysis published by Addis Standard revealed a health crisis and lack of food in three woredas in Wag Hemra zone. The Abergele woreda, in particular, is facing malaria, rabies and significant food shortages as well as severe Acute Watery Diarrhea (AWD) outbreak, which has resulted in the death of eight people by the time of reporting. Nine more people including children have also died due to “an unknown disease” in the same woreda of the Zone, according to a doctor.

The doctor added that there were reports of an international medical investigation team that had entered the woredas via the areas controlled by Tigrayan forces. Seqota town, in Wag Hemra zone, was hosting more than 70,000 IDP, while the Ziquala woreda, which is controlled by Tigrayan forces, holds more than 18,000 IDPs, Dr. Kidat Ayele, the Wag Hemra Zone health bureau chief told Addis Standard.

Similarly, early this month, Chickenpox cases were also reported in Weleh IDP site in Wag Hemra Zone.

In April, Addis Standard has reported on the lack of health services in Wag Hemra, manifested by the ill-preparedness of the health bureau in case of an outbreak and deficiency of sanitary facilities as well as medicine in IDP camps that sheltered people from all over the zone. Diseases outbreak in the IDP camps were already present, including scabies among IDPs coming from Abergele woreda.

“Malnutrition rates are far above emergency levels & these lifesaving food deliveries must continue,” WFP said. AS

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