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News: Workers in the Hadiya zone protest against local administration for salary delay for three consecutive months

Addis Abeba – The government workers in 13 Weredas of the Hadiya zone and three city administrations have protested against local administrations for salary delays for the past three consecutive months. and inquired timely salary payments for the past three consecutive months.

Residents from the area told Addis Standard that they were dismayed over their inability to provide for their families and themselves.

According to the source, who preferred to remain anonymous over concerns of security, over the last several months, the workers have not paid their monthly salary, on which their daily survival relies.

He claimed that the workers were furious and had resolved to demonstrate in order to inform the government that they were suffering financially as a result of the delays in receiving their paychecks. 

“While workers in some towns, like Hosana, have received their salaries on schedule, the salary-related issue is rampant in the Hadiya zone, in 13 woredas and three administration cities,” he added. 

Another participant, under the condition of anonymity, told Addis Standard that, since Tuesday, the demonstration has been ongoing for the past three days; “The people in the Badewato woreda and shone held the demonstration and blocked the federal roads that connect Addis Ababa and Arbaminch, Shone to Alaba.” 

He indicated that “police in the region forced them and opened the road” when the demonstrators blocked the Addis Abeba route to Arbaminch and Shone to Alaba.

“In an effort to disperse the protesters, the police beat three people, who were then taken to the hospital with serious injuries. One police officer also sustained a gunshot wound while being transported,” he added.

However, in shone and Badewacho woreda, the situation has returned to normal as peace is restored, so the people in the area have engaged in their day-to-day activities, according to him. AS

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