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Clarification: Gadamaytu, Undufo and Adaytu are inside Afar, the regional state says in a letter

Addis Abeba November 02/2020 – In a letter addressed to Addis Standard and CCd to the Ethiopian Broadcast Authority, the Afar regional state has called for a retraction of a news published on Addis Standard on October 29 with regard to ownership of three kebelles mentioned in the news.

Quoting a May 03/2019 statement from Somali region issued after an extraordinary meeting of the regional state cabinet and its decision to unilaterally withdraw from a 2014 agreement to hand over towns of Garba-Issa, Undufo and Adaytu to Afar regional state, Addis Standard published that the three Kebelles were previously administered by Somali region.

However, a letter from the Afar regional state communication affairs bureau sent to Addis Standard said the three kebelles: Gadamaytu, Undufo and Adaytu were located inside the Afar region, not in the border with Somali region, and have always been part of the Afar regional state.

Note that Addis Standard’s news quoting the Somali region cabinet statement of May 2019 stated one of the three names as Garba-Issa, which is replaced by Gadamaytu in the statement from Afar region. The letter also asserted the names should be Gadamaytu, Undufo and Adaytu

The editor’s would like to apologize for the error in this news, which merely quoted a cabinet decision of Somali regional state, and is not intended to cause confusion. AS

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