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News: Ethiopia crafting roadmap for implementation of recently approved transitional justice policy

Gedion Timothewos, Minister of Justice (Photo: Social Media)

Addis Abeba – The Ministry of Justice has announced that a roadmap for the implementation of the recently approved transitional justice policy is currently underway.

According to the Ministry’s statement, the roadmap, which is expected to be completed within three weeks, will outline the specific processes, timelines, stakeholder roles, and budgetary requirements for carrying out the policy’s directives.

The Ministry, under the leadership of Gedion Timothewos, stated that the roadmap will enable the implementation of the policy, which aims to ensure “lasting peace, rule of law, justice, and human rights.”

The preparation of the roadmap is being carried out by a team of senior experts from the Ministry of Justice, the Ethiopian Human Rights Commission, and civil society organizations.

Earlier this week, state media reported last week that the implementation phase of the transitional justice policy has begun, and consultations are being held to determine the next steps in accordance with the schedule.

During a consultation forum, Tewodros Mihret, President of the Supreme Court, stated that “the transitional justice policy is applied to bring justice and reconciliation to the severe trials and abuses that a society has gone through.”

He added that “the policy aims to provide justice for past crimes, ensure lasting peace, and offer a comprehensive response.”

The Council of Ministers unanimously approved the transitional justice policy on April 17, 2024, following discussions and the incorporation of additional input, the Ministry stated.

The policy aims to address the wide range of victims of human rights violations, conflicts, narratives, and abuses that have occurred throughout different periods in the country, as previous attempts to resolve these issues were considered insufficient and inflexible, according to the Ministry. AS

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