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News Analysis: As ENDF vows counter offensive against TPLF, major cities in South Wollo zone extend curfew

Kombolcha City, Photo: Kombolcha city communication bureau

By Addis Standard Staff 

Addis Abeba, October 15/2021 – Dessie and Kombolacha, the major cities in the South Wollo zone of Amhara region extended the curfew that was imposed earlier in August  and added additional directives citing the security situation of the region as well as the IDPs stationed in the cities.

The Kombolcha city administration today released a statement announcing curfew citing the presence of IDPs in the city and current security situation. The curfew prohibits vehicle and human movement after 8:00 PM. The city administration urged vehicles that belong to factories to notify the city’s peace and security bureaus of their departure and entry times. 

Similarly, the Dessie city administration through its security council in a statement said that it has made decisions based on the current situation of our country and the region, including a new curfew time, a ban on protests and limitation of movement of vehicles. 

The statement urged residents of the city to cooperate with security forces and security forces to enforce the new directives before announcing the shutting down of businesses and a new  curfew from 8 PM till morning, the ban on unauthorized public gatherings and demonstrations citing the [presence of IDPs in the city, the ban of three wheeled vehicles in prohibited areas, the driving a vehicle without a license plate, and driving during curfew hours. The statement also called on the youth of the city to keep organizing, protecting their areas and on residents to report suspicious people and activities to authorities. 

After its disbandment, the TPLF reassembled to wreak havoc in the region and point fingers at the federal government and the ENDF.


Meanwhile, the the Ministry of Defense (MoD) vowed counteroffensive measures against the now designated terrorist group TPLF. In a statement released yesterday, the Ministry said, “The government has been working to stabilize and reconstruct the Tigray region for the past Eight months” It continued, “After its disbandment, the TPLF reassembled to wreak havoc in the region and point fingers at the federal government and the ENDF.” 

The statement recalled, “The military announced a unilateral humanitarian ceasefire and withdrew from the Tigray region to prevent the worsening humanitarian crisis and shortage of food by allowing farmers to farm.”   

The ministry continued to accuse the TPLF of spreading the conflict to the neighboring Afar and Amhara regions.“The TPLF destroyed infrastructures, looted, burned properties, killed civilians while trying to cut off the Ethio Djibouti route and open a corridor through Sudan by attacking Wolqayit Tsegede,” the statement read. AS

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