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News: EPRDF says mistrust and suspicion rife within party; current crisis due to weakness of the executive


Addis Abeba, December 20/2017 – A statement released from Ethiopia’s ruling party EPRDF ongoing executive committee meeting admitted that the party was facing a gradual & widening “mistrust” & “suspicion” among the four major parties that make up the EPRDF.

The statement further said that although the executive recognizes the reform it has taken in the last two years as encouraging, it admits that it was insufficient and reached at a consensus that the incomplete journey to reform has forced the party to start “sinking” together.

It also said the party has accepted that the recent violence in different parts of the country that claimed the lives of hundreds and left close to 700, 000 Ethiopians internally displaced, bringing the country to a brink of security crisis, was due to the “weakness of the executive” and that the contribution of this weakness was “significant” in the current crisis that plagued the country.

A consensus was also reached among the members of the executive committee that although there were blames to be shared among the different hierarchies of the ruling party, the executive takes the lion’s share of blame for having gradually lost the public’s trust, focusing instead on “internal bickering”.

The statement affirms that a consensus was reached among the executive on future guideline to resolve the current crisis facing the country as a unified front and to “work hard together” to respond to the public’s demand for peace & democracy and to safeguard the federal arrangement of the country, which is under threat due to the recent crisis.

The executive meeting will go on discussing all these pressing issues and will bring its gathering to a “victorious end”, the statement claimed, adding the results of the meeting will be made public subsequently. AS

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