News: Ethiopia yet to see involvement of TPLF in planned national dialogue

Ambassador Dina Mufti, spokesperson of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

By Getahun Tsegaye @GetahunTsegaye12

Addis Abeba, December 23, 2021 – Ambassador Dina Mufti, the Spokesperson of the Ministry Foreign Affairs (MoFA), discussed the nature of the planned all inclusive national dialogue at today’s press briefing.  “It is a dialogue among the citizens but not a negotiation. TPLF is a designated terrorist organization by the House of Peoples’ Representatives and the Ethiopian government won’t sit for negotiation with this organization. The parliament has to see all legal frames when it comes to TPLF,” Dina said.

According to him, the program was designed to involve designated institutions, civil servants, citizens of Ethiopia and concerned bodies to discuss the recurring conflicts the country had endured for so long and to come up with possible solutions to put an end to them.

When asked about the rumors that TPLF was plotting to launch new attacks from Sudan borders, he said, “Ethiopia and Sudan have been fraternal countries and the Ethiopian government believes the Sudanese government won’t intervene in our internal affairs,” adding, “If the TPLF dares to inflict any attack, we have a capable  military and people to defend accordingly.” 

He also discussed political, economic and citizen-centered diplomacy agendas such as the participation of Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and his delegation at the Third Turkey-Africa Partnership Summit. He said, “The summit was a great diplomatic achievement for Ethiopia and the entire Africa which will be a potential input for Africa’s 2063 schemes.” 

Furthermore, he raised the meeting President Shale-work Zewde held with President Allanssane Ouattara of Cote d’Ivoire and President Ali Bongo Odimba of Gabon for bilateral relations and continental issues. “President Sahle-work also met the head of African Development bank to ensure its continual support on many aspects in Ethiopia,” Dina said. 

In relation to the ongoing conflict in the northern part of Ethiopia, Ambassador Dina again expressed disappointment at the silence of WHO and UNESCO over the alleged destruction of healthcare facilities and historical sites by the TPLF in the Afar and Amhara regions. “The representatives of these international organizations based in Addis Abeba were called to provide explanations behind their silence,” he said. 

Speaking about the EU’s calls for a special session on Ethiopia at the UN Human Rights Council, he disclosed that the Ethiopian government was able to convince the Five African countries to abstain from voting on the adoption of the resolution S33. It is to be recalled that Malawi, Libya, Mauritania Senegal and Sudan abstained from voting for the establishment of an international commission of experts on Ethiopia to conduct an investigation into human rights violation by all parties to the northern Ethiopia conflict . He said, “The Ethiopian government called on the Presidents of these countries for briefings on the matter and established a common consensus that will foster African countries’ integration and Pan-African Movement.”

He finally addressed the stranded Ethiopian citizens in Saudi Arabia and explained that for the past few weeks the government interrupted repatriations of these citizens due to ‘some circumstances’ he didn’t specify. However he vowed that the mission will soon resume.AS

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