News: Ethiopians should bring end to risk of war exposure by giving discussions chance: PM office Democratic System Building Bureau Head

Bikila Hurisa (PhD), head of democratic system building coordination office at the Prime Minister’s office

Addis Abeba, January 12/2022 – Bikila Hurisa (PhD), head of the democratic system building coordination bureau at the prime minister’s office said, “Ethiopians need to give dialogue a chance and end their exposure to war.” Speaking with a national news agency he underlined the need to create opportunities for resolving issues through dialogue without foreign interference. 

He emphasized the potential that Ethiopians have to solve their problems through dialogue without foreign interference. He said,” Ethiopians have diverse cultural, religious and psychological values that enable them to tackle the contested issues that threaten the nation’s integrity,“ adding, “It is important to create the opportunity Ethiopians to sit down and discuss these contested issues.” 

He stated that all the issues of contention will be laid on the table for Ethiopians to discuss and resolve. “There are contradictions, dissimilarities, and problems with perceptions,” he said, adding, “I believe we can reach a consensus on most of the outstanding national issues.” 

Bikila finally underscored that the dialogue holds a grander agenda that transcends the clash of interests of political parties or ethnic groups. He said that the successful undertaking of this visionary project to have Ethiopians sit for discussions will be a great victory for all Ethiopians. AS

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