News: Amhara State President says “public must be ready to destroy the terrorist group”

Addis Abeba – The Amhara Regional State President, Dr. Yilkal Kefale, said the people should prepare themselves “to destroy the TPLF terrorist group” without being disturbed by divisive ideas.

According to a statement posted on the ruling Prosperity Party (PP)Facebook page, during a briefing to members of local media who have been reporting on destruction in the region due to recent attacks by Tigrayan forces, questions were raised about the current state of affairs in the region. ❝Right now the public is outraged by the release of members of the terrorist group,” he said, “they have the right. We believe members of the terrorist are guilty.”

On January 07, the government discontinued charges against top former TPLF officials who were to be released. Among the former officials include Sebhat Nega, Mulu G/Egziabher, Kidusan Nega, Ambassador Abadi Zemu, Abay Woldu.

On January 10, Amhara State officials comprised of representatives from the justice, security and civil service institutions held discussions on current issues. The the discussion was attended by Amhara state President Dr. Yilikal Kefale, and senior officials of the state, including zonal administrators, justice and security sector institutions.

Today’s statement on the ruling party quoted the President as saying incursions by Tigrayan forces continued and claimed that preparations still continued. Viewed from that point, the recent release of former top TPLF socials should divert from the purpose of destroying the group and is not a cause of distress, the statement said. “Although the release of the members of the group is in the interest of national unity and peace has created concerns, especially since the people of Amhara are the prime sufferers, the public shouldn’t distracted from the campaign to destroy the terrorist group and ensure its existence,” the statement said quoting the President.

Dr. Yilkal claimed that Tigrayn forces “were not attacking us alone,” but also working with the extremist armed groups especially the “Kemant, Gumuz and Shene groups” and foreign countries such as Egypt and some other countries to prevent Ethiopia from developing and and to destroy it.”

Unless the “terrorist group is not eliminated, it will be a big threat to both the people of Amhara as a people and Ethiopia”. Because of that the regional government will work with federal government on ways in which the “terrorist group” will be eliminated and reconstruction of destroyed wealth is put in place. He cautioned the public to not be distracted from its main objective of destroying the “terrorist group” because of some opinions. AS

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