News: Fed. Government, Tigrayan forces exchange blame for resumption of military hostilities

Civilians displaced by the civil war in Tigray. Picture: © UNHCR/Hazim Elhag

Addis Abeba – In a statement issued this morning the Government Communication Service confirmed the resumption of militarily hostilities involving the federal army and Tigrayan forces after a lull in the past few months.

The federal government blamed Tigrayan forces for the resumption of military hostilities. “Leaving aside all the peace options presented by the government, the terrorist group, the TPLF…launched an attack this morning in the eastern front in Biso Ber, Zobl and Tekulesh directions starting from 5 AM…” the statement said, adding the with the measure, Tigrayan forces “officially broke the ceasefire.”

The statement from the federal government came a few hours after the Tigrayan forces released their own statement accusing the federal forces, as well as various Amhara special forces, Wollo Fano and militia of launching a military attack “this morning at 5 AM…in the direction of Chobe Ber, Janora, Yalo, Alamata, Bala and Biso Ber.” AS

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