News: Opposition party raises alarm over surge in violence in Benishangul-Gumuz region

Assosa city, the capital of Benishangul-Gumuz Regional State (Photo: Social Media)

Addis Abeba – Boro Democratic Party (BDP) has raised alarms over a surge in criminal activities against civilians in major parts of the Benishangul-Gumuz region.

In a statement issued on 12 March, 2024, the party outlined a concerning trend of “gang robberies, kidnappings, child abductions, and murders” over the previous six months.

The party alleged that perpetrators of these crimes were not being prosecuted or held accountable.

Specific incidents cited by the party include the shooting deaths of a senior police officer and a college student within two months in Gilgel Beles town, as well as the killing of a senior lawyer and a legal advisor in Pawe special district.

Additionally, in Wenbera district, a businessman was reportedly killed in a “violent” manner, according to the party.

The opposition party drew particular focus on the case of Tigist Tilahun, who was allegedly abducted on 24 February, 2024, near Assosa city and later brutally murdered, with her body dumped on a river bank on 06 March.

The BDP expressed concern that the failure to arrest suspects in this case has put citizens’ lives at risk, stating, “We believe that there was a chance that Tigist could have survived if the police had followed her case properly.”

In its statement, the party called for the apprehension and prosecution of criminals responsible for the loss of lives in various areas of the region, as well as appropriate sentencing for those already in custody.

Additionally, BDP highlighted security concerns stemming from the “violent activities of the armed forces who have not surrendered to peace in Mendera district of the Metekel Zone,” stating that it could reignite conflict in the area.

The party urged security forces to take the necessary precautions and measures.

Furthermore, it cited killings and injuries caused to civilians and a security member in Sedal district of Kemashi Zone by armed groups originating from Sudan, labeling it “a security threat requiring government action.” AS

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