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News: Prosperity Party organizational department Head of Haruka Woreda, Afar region, shot dead en route from Adama

The late Omer Lemma. Photo: Afar region prosperity party

Addis Abeba – Omer Lemma, Harka Woreda, Afar Regional State Organizational Department Head of the ruling Prosperity Party (PP) was shot dead by “terrorists” en route from Adama city, in oromia region, to Awash, the party’s Afar branch said.

The statement from the party did not elaborate on the killing, but according to a report by Deutsche Welle Amharic, he was shot along with his brother Mohammed Lemma in Welenchiti area, located in east Shewa zone of Oromia regional state, at a local place called Aribona.

The DW report said Omer and his brother were shot and killed by “unknown gunmen”.

Quoting his brother Ali Lemma, who survived the attack, the news portal reported that Omar was killed during a shooting involving about 30 gunmen who were “wearing uniforms resembling former national defense forces”. The victims were returning from Adama city after their father received medical treatment.

The funeral of Omer and his brother Mohamed took place in Awash city of Afar regional state today.

This is the third killing of the ruling Prosperity Party official in as many weeks. On 30 March, Desalegn Bokonja, head of the ruling party’s office In Nekemmte, in East Wollega Zone of Oromia regional state, was shot dead the city in what the local government said was “an attack by unknown” assailants.

Girma Yeshitila, Head of the Prosperity Party’s Amhara region branch, was also shot and killed along with five other on 27 April is shot dead while traveling from Mehal Meda to Debre Berihan, in north Showa zone of Amhara regional state. AS

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