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News: Reconciliation committee established to resolve border disputes between Somali, Afar regions

A reconciliation committee has been established with the aim of resolving the longstanding disputes in the border areas between the Somali and Afar regional states (Photo: Jeilu TV)

Addis Abeba – A reconciliation committee aimed at resolving the enduring disputes in areas bordering the Somali and Afar regional states has been established.

The longstanding conflict between communities residing in these regions has resulted in numerous casualties and extensive property damage.

According to a report by Jeilu TV, the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council has taken on the role of mediator, facilitating a reconciliation process that promises cooperation and a brighter future for the affected communities.

A collaborative effort has led to the formation of a joint committee comprising representatives from both regions as well as independent entities tasked with overseeing the progress of reconciliation efforts.

The Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council will assume responsibility for supervising the joint committee.

During a ceremony held on 08 March, 2024, Sheikh Hajj Ibrahim Tufa, President of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Supreme Council, earnestly appealed to representatives from both regions, emphasizing the imperative of refraining from violence and conflict.

Sporadic clashes have been a recurrent issue, particularly in recent years, as militias from the two regional states have engaged in confrontations over disputed territories.

In November 2022, Addis Standard reported a tragic incident where at least 18 civilians lost their lives, with several others sustaining injuries in clashes along the border areas of the Somali and Afar regions. AS

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