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News: Security forces detain Wolayta National Mov’t secretary general

Left: Andualem Tadesse Boltena holding the NEBE issued registration certificate of WNM. Right: recent rally held in Sodo city

Addis Abeba, December 19/2019 – Security forces have detained head of Wolayta National Movement (WNM) secretary general Andualem Tadesse Boltena, a statement released on the party’s Facebook page said.

The news came shortly after the party released another statement in which it demanded answers from the federal government on the zone’s year-old request for self-administration and regional state status. The statement also denounced what it called “heavy security presence” in the zone and added that the federal government needed to take action as the one year constitutional requirement since the request was first made by zonal council comes to an end tomorrow.

On July 22/2019 the federal National Security Council placed the entire Southern Nations, Nationalities and People’s Regional State (SNNPRS) in what it then said was “a temporary command post” by the federal army. The command post remains in place.

Tomorrow marks one year since the zone’s council unanimously approved the request. Since then several peaceful demonstrations were held by the people of Wolayta demanding the implementation of the zone’s request. In the last two weeks alone the city of Sodo hosted several rallies including a women-only rally, rallies by religious leaders, elders, representatives of trade unions & various community members all in support of the implementation of the zone’s request.

This morning Tuk Tuk (Bajaj) owners and drivers staged a march in Sodo city, the capital of Wolayta zone, in support of the zone’s demand for self-administration & regional state status. Natives of Wolayta living in and around Dallas, Texas have also met yesterday and started organizing community initiatives to add their voice to the request.

Wolayta National Movement party was recently registered and given a certificate of recognition by the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE). AS

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