News: Tigray interim admin responds to federal government’s earlier statement, labels it ‘premature’ for release ahead of scheduled deliberations

The interim administration of Tigray, under the leadership of Getachew Reda, has issued a formal response to the recent announcement made by the Federal Government Communication Service concerning the execution of the Pretoria Peace Agreement (Photo: Tigray TV)

Addis Abeba – The interim administration of Tigray has issued a thorough rejoinder to the recent pronouncement from the Federal Government Communication Service regarding the implementation of the Pretoria Peace Agreement.

In its statement released yesterday, the interim administration of Tigray underscored that while discussions regarding the implementation of the Pretoria agreement are forthcoming, it is deemed inappropriate to issue a statement preemptively before the scheduled deliberations on the subject.

The interim administration also refuted the assertion made by the government communication service regarding the statement suggesting that “agreements have been reached to address issues concerning controversial areas through a referendum,'” stating unequivocally that such information is entirely erroneous.

In November last year Getachew Reda, President of the interim administration of Tigray, has already disputed the federal government’s assertions that final determination on the fate of the status of western Tigray was reached to be held through a referendum.

With regard to the repatriation of displaced individuals, the interim administration conveyed apprehension regarding the assertion by the government communication service stating that “genuine displaced persons have returned.” It criticized this characterization, highlighting its potential to provide legal justification for endeavors seeking to forcibly alter the country’s territorial boundaries.

The assertion by the federal government regarding the accountability of individuals involved in the Tigray war and the implementation of “appropriate measures” was met with skepticism by the interim administration.

The statement issued a caution against incentivizing factions that oppose the Pretoria Peace Agreement, emphasizing that such a course of action may prove more harmful than advantageous.

The interim administration of Tigray, however, commended the decisions taken by the federal government subsequent to the Pretoria Agreement, particularly concerning budgetary allocations and related matters. It emphasized its intention to compile a report for the Prime Minister, delineating areas necessitating correction.

Last week, the Government Communication Service revealed that the federal government has adopted a pragmatic stance, allocating 37 billion birr for the Tigray region to enhance ongoing developmental endeavors spanning various sectors, including education, health, agriculture, and tourism, among others.

In his parliamentary address today, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed highlighted the significant progress achieved through the collaborative endeavors between the federal government and the interim administration of Tigray subsequent to the signing of the Pretoria peace agreement.

The Prime Minister disclosed that the federal government promptly initiated substantial supportive measures. These included a significant injection of liquidity, totaling 10 billion birr, into banks in the Tigray region. Furthermore, the opening of approximately 600 bank branches and the resumption of 217 industries were facilitated with the active participation and support of the interim administration.

Prime Minister Abiy underscored the ongoing collaboration between the federal government and the interim administration of Tigray, portraying their partnership as fruitful despite the existence of unresolved issues requiring attention. AS

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