January 2013

Ethiopian former supermodel successfully runs an African prominent runway  for a charity cause   

Zela Gayle

cclaimed Ethiopian Supermodel, Anna Getaneh, was born in Sweden to Ethiopian diplomatic parents and had built her career modelling for several renowned fashion designers during the 1990’s. Within the last two decades, Anna Getaneh has grown form a mere supermodel whose appearances graced world class runways from Paris to Milan and who modelled for giant names like Yves Saint Laurent, to a Creative Director of her own fashion label and manager of her own initiative, African Mosaique, which she founded in South Africa in 2005 as a nonprofits initiative to raise funds to build a school in Aleltu, 55 km north of Addis Ababa, for destitute Ethiopian children.

Dashing higher expectations, China and India made a mere $1 million each.

Emnet Assefa



Countries from all over the world have made a donation of a total of $455.53 million at the AU pledging conference for Mali to support the Malian defence forces and the African- led International Support Mission in Mali (AFISMA) in their battles against Al-Qaeda linked militants.