IRAN ready to assist peace process in Mali, agreed with Argentina on bombing probe

Emnet Assefa

Foreign minister of Iran, Ali Akbar Salehi says his country IRAN is ready to assist the peace process in Mali.


Mr. Salehi added his government in Tehran is engaged in a constant consultation with the government of Mali to look for solutions to bring into an end the situation in Mali.

Mr. Salehi was however wary of the use of some words to describe the rebels that have the potential to exacerbate the already deteriorating situation. He said it was time to stop using elements such as ‘extremism’ as political instruments mentioning the case in Syria as a similar situation. “It’s appropriate for African countries to seek for solution in Mali and offering assistance for displaced people in Mali.” Mr. Salehi said.

According to Mr. Salehi Iran’s partnership with African states follows a “natural diplomacy.’ “We have been around for decades, our assistance goes unconditional. It’s a natural diplomacy”.

Buenos Aires bombing probe

On straitening Iran’s relations with Argentina, a memorandum of understanding to resolve the 1994 bombing of the Argentine-Jewish Community Centre in Buenos Aires, Argentina, have been signed between Iran and the government of Argentina on Jan. 27th in Addis Ababa.

The ten point MOU is expected to pave ways for the creation of a “Truth Commission” that will be tasked to investigate the 18 years old incident that killed 85 people.

Syria’s only solution

On Syria, Mr. Salehi stressed on the need to fulfil the legitimate demand of the Syrian people, “no need of prescription from outside,” he said. However, he  indicated the a six points plan Iran has proposed based on the previous suggestions made by former UN special envoy to Syria Kofi Anan and the Arab League a worthy of considering. He urged the both the Syrian rebels and the government of Bashir al Assad to discuss and decide on how they can push to a presidential election in 2014 which he presented as the “only solution” to Syria’s problems.

In the face of a mounting criticize against Tehran for its alleged support to the government of Bashil al Assad, on Friday Jan. 25th the U.S. Ambassador in Syria Robert Ford has publicly criticized Iran’s “unhelpful role” in Syria.

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