Somalia happy with IGAD decision

Slowly but surely Somalia is on its way to enjoy a stable government

Emnet  Assefa




The 46th extra ordinary session of the Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) council of Ministers meeting, on Wednesday Jan. 3rd discussed and accepted a grand stabilization plan presented to the summit by the Government of the Republic of Somalia on stabilization of Somalia.

After accepting the stabilization plan IGAD has called upon the government of Somalia to prepare a detailed proposal that should be presented to the Council meeting in the next six weeks.

The council also called upon the Somali government to prepare a proposal on the government’s request for the lifting of the UN arms embargo. IGAD said it was ready to follow up on the lifting of the sanction.

Somalia Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs,   Fauzia Yusuf Haji Adan, said her country is happy with IGAD’s decisions to accept its grand stabilization action plan and support it.

Mrs. Adan expressed her country’s readiness to put in place local administration in all areas recovered from Al Shabab as presented on the grand stabilization plan. “Somalia is progressing in many aspects be it peace, security and development and we are ready to create a new Somalia with a brighter future,” she said.

Five months after the transitional government ended and Somalia elected a new government, the country stands in relative peace and stability. Last week the US Government announced its recognition of the new government in Somalia.

After 21 years of anarchy peace seems to hold in Somalia and since 2012, the government of President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud is busy trying to work on the formation of a federal system of government under the guidance of a six pillar plan that includes an independent Somalia armed force and effective administration system.

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