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A statement from Jakenn Publishing PLC regarding blockage of all means of communication in Tigray Regional State

Jakenn Publishing PLC, the publisher of Addis Standard online magazine expresses its deep regret that due to the blockage of internet, mobile and landline communications, its journalists are unable to provide an inclusive news on the ongoing military engagement between forces of the federal army and Tigray regional state.

Reporting on conflicts is never an easy task, but it is important that journalists are able to reach sources on the ground to update the world on the condition and safety of civilian citizens who are possibly caught in the crossfire of such conflicts.

We appreciate PM Abiy Ahmed’s promise this morning that information will be delivered regularly from the federal government.

However, this will hamper the media’s efforts to report on events without bias.

We urgently and kindly ask the Ethiopian government not to commit the same mistake that it committed in the days following the tragic assassination of artist Hachalu Hundessa, during which the internet was blocked nationwide for nearly a month and information, as a result, was coming out only from the government’s side, making truth become the ultimate victim.

As an independent media based in Ethiopia and concerned about the safety of civilian citizens, with a responsibility to provide the local and international community with factual updates, and in this age when we struggle with the proliferation of fake news, we kindly ask the government to let the truth be upheld and allow the restoration of all means of communication in Tigray regional state.

We also call upon the international media to join us in this call to ensure that access to information from all sides is available on equal bases, and to avoid falling into the traps of a one side story in this extremely delicate situation.

From the Editors

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