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Adika awards lottery winners of Netsanet Melesse’s album

After years of absence from Ethiopia’s music scene the latest album of Netsanet Melesse, Ethiopia’s favorite female singer of the 80s and 90s was brought to her fans via Adika Communication and Events in January this year.  

At the outset of her music career, Netsanet Melesse released her debut album “Yelal Doju” in 1983, which became an instant hit throughout Ethiopia. Her simple and alluring look on her single video, seen on the black and white TV screens of everyone’s living room made the album even more popular. No one ever doubted the singer’s talent from then on, as it was not even eclipsed by her shy personality. With a calm and mellow voice that speaks of dazzling romance and emotions, Netsanet’s new work, introduced in the Ethiopian market via Adika Communication and Events, projects her ever great flair as an Ethiopian musician.

Buy original, get Samsung

In a rarely seen effort to counter copyright infringement, Adika offered a lottery for Netsanet’s music fans who prefer to buy the original CDs of her new album free Samsung phones.

The lottery draw which includes Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Samsung dual-SIM phone and other phones, was held at the Ethiopian National Lottery Agency on March 25, 2013.  Accordingly, the following numbers won the singer’s fan Adika’s promised Samsung cell phone apparatuses of different models: 1st prize Samsung I9100 Galaxy S2 – 18039, 2nd prize Samsung P100 Galaxy Tablet – 05857, 3rd prize Samsung C3222 Dual-SIM phone – 15961 and 4th prize Samsung E1085, plus 10 more rewards of smaller versions.

Here to fill the gap

Adika Communication and Events is a full service communication agency that was created to fulfill the current gap in the communication scene in Ethiopia. The agency handles a wide range of services from concept development, artist management and advertising to public relations and media buying. Adika Communication is a sister company of Adika Tour and Travel, a well known and successful car rental, travel and tour company in Ethiopia.

In the entertainment realm, Adika has long been a sponsor of major events in the city and country. The company is a trend-setter in this regard and has a reputation for being associated with the most popular events in Addis Ababa. “As we continue to support concerts and events alike, Adika has ventured into a lead position by supporting artists and their growth in Ethiopia,” it said.

Currently the company is engaged in music and movie production business. The first Album released from our artist pool, called “Chiggae” by Haile Roots, was successfully launched in November 2011. Adika has also produced Tirhas’ latest album titled “Adaney”, followed by Yeshi’s new album “Qene”, Nhatty Man’s “Man”, Teddy Afro’s “Tikur Sew”, Kuku Sebesebie’s “Chalkubet”, Netsanet Melesse’s “Liben” and Michael Belayneh’s “Nafkot ena Fiker”.

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