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News: PM Abiy Ahmed launches his book “Medmer”

A cover of the Afaan Oromoo version of PM Abiy’s book is displayed in Millennium Hall

Mahlet Fasil

Addis Abeba Oct. 20/2019 – A book written by PM Abiy Ahmed was launched on Saturday October 19, 2019 in ceremonies in more than 30 cities across Ethiopia. The book titled ‘Medemer’ in Amharic and ‘Ida’amuu’ in Afaan Oromoo introduces the PM’s much touted concept of ‘synergy’. The 280-page book is the first for the PM since assuming office and is seen as articulating the economics, politics and foreign relations road map the country will follow. With already a million copies printed, ‘Medemer’ will retail for 300 ETB (~$10) and the proceeds , it is reported, will go to building schools in rural parts of Ethiopia.

The PM himself attended the star-studded book launch event held at Millennium Hall in Addis Abeba where he made a speech in which he addressed everything from his Nobel prize to the plan to merge EPRDF into one national party. On the Nobel, he remarked that his prize will not be taken away from him, but unless Ethiopians are vigilant they will lose it, adding that the prize has already raised Ethiopia’s profile globally and is an opportunity to be used wisely.

On the EPRDF merger plans the PM said it was still a work in progress and was open to debate despite a year and a half of research behind it. He hit back against allegations that he was trying to create a unitary system of government by the merger and said it was never on his mind. He added that if a party’s merger forcibly blends a country into one, the cases of self-governing nations in Tigray and Amhara and the whole of SNNPR with one ruling regional parties mean it has already happened under the previous system. The PM went on to talk about the hypocrisy of ‘whiskey drinking members of EPRDF’ masquerading as standing for the rights of the people and not coming up with alternative ideas.

PM Abiy also addressed Eritrea in his speech saying the people and government of Eritrea have never been and will never be a threat to the people and government of Ethiopia, adding ‘brothers quarrel, but cannot be enemies forever’.

The PM ended his speech by apologizing to exhibitors at the Millennium hall whose event was interrupted by his book launch. AS

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