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The late Hachalu Hundessa Photo: Social Media By Martha Kuwee Kumsaa Addis Abeba, June 29/2021  Hacee My beloved son, whose passionate yearning for freedom revived my inspiration. Hacee whose sweet melodious songs soothed our collective trauma. Hacee who captured our collective dreams and aspirations from across generations. Hacee my beloved son, It’s

This article was originally published on June 22/2013.


Zela Gayle

“In our own mix we find our true calling”, becomes much more than a description of ‘Mixology’, the masterful debut Album from the young artist Vahe Tilbian in which he reconnects his roots as an Ethiopian, born into one of the country’s oldest immigrant communities  – Armenian.


ED’s Note: This article was first published in the June 2013 print edition of  Addis Standard magazine

Zela Gayle

Addis Abeba, May 25/2018 – “Love” is what “motivates” him to play the piano because “the sound of it is so much related to the feeling of love.” These are not words from a teenage boy, who is deep in his high school crash; these are the words of an Ethiopian pianist Samuel Yirga, who, at 27, is fast becoming one of the most innovative young piano players around the world.