A new TV network for Ethiopia’s largest ethnic group

Oromia Media Network (OMN), explained by its founders as “an independent, nonpartisan and nonprofit news enterprise whose mission is to produce original, impartial, citizen-driven reporting,” was inaugurated on March 1st 2014.

OMN is based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, where the largest and most active Ethiopian origin ethnic Oromo Diaspora lives. “The goal of this network is to create multilingual news and programs that will serve as a reliable source of information in the greater horn of Africa region,” reads a statement from the founders that include Dr. Hamza Abdurezak , Chairman of Board of Trustees and  Girma Tadesse, Executive Director.

According to the founders, OMN has a structural governing body that consists of the Board of Trustees, Executive Council and Editorial Board. The Board of Trustees is supervisory body of OMN, while the Executive Council is responsible for the overall management of the organization. The Editorial Board is charged with the development and production of news and other programs.

“We hold ourselves to the highest journalistic standards but unabashedly and proudly offer a uniquely Oromo perspective. We also aim to connect the growing Oromo diaspora to its homeland using innovative digital tools and people-centered storytelling techniques. Our high quality, high-impact multimedia content will be available in easily accessible formats including on the web, mobile devices, social media, satellite television and radio.”

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