Addis Ababa to host a high level conference on growth and markets in Africa

Some 150 high-level individuals will meet in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, at the Sheraton Addis on Dec. 2nd– 3rd for The African High-Growth Markets Summit that “will focus on how to prosper from the remarkable growth of a selection of African economies and subsequent enlargement of their consumer classes,” organizers said. The summit is aimed at examining “the latest trends in governance, society, economic and policy growth for this important continent.”

Organizers further said that the summit was designed for business leaders and investors looking to understand how to hurdle both the obstacles of investing in emerging African economies and of reaching the consumer, entrepreneurs and policy-makers with a stake in driving growth in Africa.

Key speakers will include Sufian Ahmed, Ethiopia’s Minister of Finance and Economic Development, Amrote Abdella, Director for VC & Startups for Microsoft’s 4Afrika Initiative, Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al Amoudi, Founder and Owner, MIDROC and Saudi Star, and Arne Cartridge, Director at the World Economic Forum and  Chief Executive Officer for the Grow Africa Partnership.

Discussions will include:

  • Africa and the global economy – where are the opportunities for growth in African consumer markets? How are African countries relating to and interacting with the global economy?
  • Production and distribution of goods: Logistics, infrastructure and the regulatory challenges of getting the goods to market.
  • Finding the talent to manage your organization: Investing in people, supporting training and up-skilling local staff.
  • Understanding the needs of the African consumer: How to brand and advertise products and understanding that, with 54 countries and over 2000 dialects, there is a very varied consumer market with different expectations, requirements, values and budgets.
  • The other side of the coin – how effectively is economic growth reducing poverty and moving countries towards developmental goals?

The summit is part of an event by The Economist Group 

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