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A Leza Radio Show Listeners’ Choice award night that could become Ethiopia’s answer to Hollywood big bonanzas 

On September 22nd, Berhanu Degafe, host of the famous Leza Radio Show on Sheger FM 102.1 has put on the 2nd Leza Show Listeners’ Choice Award ceremony for musicians, actors and actresses that was held at Embilita Cinema here in Addis Ababa.



The award saw different artists win awards in four categories: best actor, best single of the year, album of the year and movie of the year.

The Leza Show Listeners’ Choice Award, which was first held last year, saw a relatively new actor Tariku Berhanu win “best actor of the year” for his role in Yefeker ABCD, a comedy movie currently in cinemas here in Addis Ababa.

Jalhud, a young reggae sensation won “best single of the year” award for his song Deges. Nominees in this category includ the famous Aster Aweke whose Tezeta and Yeneta were shortlisted.

Although many in the audience expected Haile Roots for his Chigae album to take the award for “album of the Year,” Teddy Afro, who neither showed up, nor was represented in the show, was the winner.

The other category was for “Best actress”, which was won by Maheder Assefa for her role in Shefu.  The nominees in this category include Elshadi Sahelu for her role in Ye Ledete Ken, Sahar Abdulkerim for Yefekir ABCD, Mahlet Shumete for her role in Diplomat, and Roman Befakdu who played in the City Boyz.

Yefeker ABCD took “Movie of the Year” award after competing with Shefu, Diplomat and Balageru.

“We tried to inspire musicians, actors, actresses and producers,” said Berhanu Degafe, producer of the event, who single handedly came up with the idea a year ago and went on to organize the 2nd award ceremony.  Berhanu expressed his frustration on the no show of Tedy Afro, who he said had received the invitation card well ahead of the ceremony. Tedy Afro “didn’t even explain his reason [not to show up] for the organizers,” Berhanu wrote on his Facebook page.  To his disappointment Tedy Afro didn’t even delegate a representative as the other absentees did.

However, many of the invited guests expressed their optimism that this was just the beginning of what could potentially become Ethiopia’s answer to Hollywood big bonanzas in just few years.

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