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#ASDailyScoop: More than 446 industries cease production: Ministry

Photo: Ministry of Industry

Addis Abeba – Melaku Alebel, Minister, Ministry of Industry, said that the Ministry has identified more than 446 industries that have halted operations. The Minister said this during his message in connection with a one yearlong campaign being held at different regions and dubbed ‘Ethiopia Tamerit’, roughly translated as ‘Let Ethiopia produce.

The Ministry said the campaign at regional levels is aimed at locating problems within the industry sector, resuscitating defunct industrial centers, and attracting more investment. 

Minister Melaku noted that it was with this campaign that the ministry has come across more than 446 defunct industries. He said the reasons include shortages of labor, lack of resources, finances, and infrastructure as well as lack of coordinated government support presenting obstacles to production.

Improving productivity in the manufacturing industry, which constitutes about 50% of the sector, was one of the the areas the government was working on, the Minister said, adding that the campaign will not end at yearlong but will extend, allowing the opportunity to provide sustainable solutions to the challenges observed.

The campaign will have forums, exhibitions and recognition of exemplary manufacturing industries as well as other related programs. AS

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