AU suspends Egypt from membership

Emnet Assefa  

Following Mohammed Mors’s removal from power by the Egyptian military on Tuesday July 3rd the African Union (AU) suspends Egypt from membership of the union until the country is back to constitutional order.

Following an emergency session by the AU’s Peace and Security this morning, the AU said it recognizes the situation in Egypt as an “exceptional” but stands by the principles of its unconstitutional changes of government.

Yesterday, Dr. Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the AU said in a statement that the AU “recognizes the challenges that faced the Egyptian people over the past year and growing frustration of many Egyptians over the management of the country still takes the removal of Mohammed Mursi was in violation of Egyptian constitution.”

According to the Dr. Zuma, a constitutional manner would mean holding a democratic election as per what has been stated on the Egyptian constitution, but she hasn’t stated a specific time when the election shall be held.

Opponents of President Mohamed Morsi protest outside the presidential palace in CairoAccording to Egyptian Ambassador to Ethiopia and the African Union, Ambassador Mohamed Idriss, it was the Egyptian people that brought Morsi to power and are the ones that revolted against him.  The involvement of the army was just fulfilling the aspiration of the Egyptian people, according to him. “The source of legitimacy has come from the people… the army and other powers in Egypt were just supporting the will of the people,” Ambassador Idriss said.

The AU has also adopted the decision to of dispatch a team of eminent persons to Egypt to hold discussions with the ruling authorities and other Egyptian stakeholders.

One of the major changes since the OAU was replaced by the AU is its decision to suspend member states where unconstitutional transitions of governments happen.


Mohamud Morsi Credit AP – Maya Alleruzzo

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Photograph: Hassan Ammar/AP

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