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Car accident, fire kills twelve in west Addis Abeba

A fire that broke out following a deadly car accident involving the Chinese made Sinotruk and a minivan full of passengers has claimed the lives of twelve people and left two critically wounded, according to a report on Fana Broadcasting Corporate S.C (FBC).

The accident happened yesterday at about 7:20 pm local time in Burayu town, Woreda two at a specific place called Qersa. Burayu is a town which is part of the Oromiya region’s special zone and is located some 25 km west Addis Abeba.

Car accident BurayuPhoto: Adane Arega/FBC
According to the report, the twelve people were killed as a result of the fire after the accident involving the Sinotruk and the minivan.

Last month, Addis Standard reported that a somewhat similar accident involving a Sinotruk and a minivan on the newly opened Addis-Adama expressway has left eleven people dead on impact and nine people wounded, five of them critically.

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