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Coca Cola launches “Share A Coke” campaign

Coca Cola Ethiopia has launched a personalized campaign that gives its consumers an opportunity to swap the iconic logo with the personal names of their friends, relatives and family members. The most common 200 names among Ethiopians have so far been printed in its full brand portfolio.

The packaged bottles have been available in the market nationwide as of 19th December 2014 and will remain on shelves until stocks run out.

Speaking at launching dinner on 13th January, 2015 King’ori Macharia, Coca Cola country manager for Ethiopia and Eritrea said “We have put in place an integrated ‘Share A Coke’ marketing campaign, which includes outdoor, TVC, digital and experiential activity through which our consumers can share a virtual bottle with friends and loved ones or download personalized wallpapers for their desktops or mobile phones.”

The marketing campaign includes allowing consumers to choose the names they want to see printed real-time or virtually through online platforms. Special occasions such as weddings and anniversaries can have an entourage toast to personalized Coca Cola. “Personalization is a great way to connect,” said Xavier Selga, General Manager of East Africa Bottling S.C.

According to Misikir Mulugeta, brand manager of Coca Cola Ethiopia, 200 popular teenage names as well as 200 more senior names have been identified. The senior names were printed on the “Cheber Chacha” 1.5 ltr and the remaining individual names on the “Shir Shir” 0.5ltr Coca Cola PET bottles.

“Coca Cola is a brand to be enjoyed in equal measure by everyone,” said Misikir. “We have therefore ensured that every Ethiopian has a chance to decide whom they want to share a Coke with wherever they like.”
The company believes that the campaign, which is being rolled out continent wide, will impact the market positively.

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