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Corporation to award Addis Abeba Light Rail System management contracts

The Ethiopian Railway Corporation announced last week that it was looking forward to establish an international system which would upgrade operation and maintenance works of the ongoing construction of the Addis Abeba Light Rail System.

During a pre bid meeting aimed at making the Addis Abeba Light Rail System more efficient and reliable, Dr. Getachew Betru, the Ethiopian Railway Corporation CEO, said that eight international companies had shown interest to partake in a bid meeting to take over the management of Addis Abeba Light Rail System Operations and Maintenance. He also said the Government of Ethiopia had decided the management to be made by an international standard with the view to guarantee the quality of the project from design to operation and maintenance works.

He further noted that the focus of the meeting was to clarify questions from the bidders and emphasized that the meeting would enable the eight companies to make alterations to their technical and financial proposal. The winner of the bid would take the management of Addis Ababa’s Light Rail System for five years.  Getachew Mengste, State Minister for the Ministry of Transport, said at the meeting that the railway construction was being carried out in accordance with the schedule.

Cover Photo: Partial view of the Addis Abeba Light Rail System

Photo: Addis Standard

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