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Court sentenced Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot to nineteen years & six months in prison

The Ethiopian Federal High court 20th criminal bench sentenced  Ethiopian Airlines co-pilot Hailemedhin Abera to nineteen years & six months in prison. On March 17th the court passed a guilty verdict in one of the two charges against the former Ethiopian Airline Co-Pilot .


Co-Pilot Hailemedhin Abera was found guilty of hijacking and forcing to land in Geneva an Ethiopian Airlines Flight 702, which had taken off from the capital Addis Abeba and was headed to Rome. The co-pilot hijacked the Boeing 767-300 early on Monday morning February 17th 2014 and flew it to Geneva, Switzerland, looking for asylum. He took control of the plane when the pilot went to the restroom.

Co-Pilot Hailemedhin was arrested when the plane landed at Geneva International Airport. All the passengers and crew members aboard the Boeing 767-300 were not harmed. The co-pilot’s guilty verdict was handed down in absentia.

The court cleared off the second charge, forcing the plane to lose balance and disturbing passengers, against the defendant. Sentencing is adjourned until March 20th 2015.


Cover Photo: Undated photo of Co-Pilot Hailemedhin Abera 

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