East African Tiger Brand Donates One year’s Worth Sanitary Products for Bishoftu Hospital

East African Tiger Brands Industries has donated one year’s worth of sanitary products to Bishoftu Hospital. The donation which comes as per the city council’s request to alleviate the problem of sanitation manifest in the hospital, goes in line with East African Tiger Brand’s commitment to add value to the society it operates in, said company officials.

In addition to creating employment opportunities for around 1500 workers, giving priority to local residents, the company is keen on undertaking its social responsibilities. Thus, prior to this, East African Tiger Brands has provided clean drinking water from inhabitants of two farming Kebeles. It also has commissioned the construction of a primary school to the local community. Additionally the company has provided the local militia force with financial and clothing support.

In accordance with the company’s firm belief to blend with the local community, the company participated in the celebration of Irrecha.

Speaking at the ceremony held at the hospital on 17th Dec, 2015, to hand over the donation to the hospital, East African Tiger Brands’ CEO Mr. Joachim Yebouet reaffirmed the company’s commitment in supporting the hospital.
Dr. Daddy Wodajo, Mayor of the town of Bishoftu said that it is very important for investors to be involved in carrying out their social responsibility for which East African Tiger Brand is setting a very good example.
East African Tiger Brands Industries was established 16 years ago and operates in rural areas three kilometers off the main road.


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