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FFD3: ActionAid says failure to create a UN global tax body “appalling”

The third international Financing for Development conference in Addis Abeba, Ethiopia, has failed to agree on the creation of a UN global tax body.

ActionAid’s international tax power campaign manager, Martin Hojsik, said the decision was “an appalling failure and a great blow to the fight against poverty and injustice.”


“It means that developing countries, which are losing billions of dollars a year to tax dodging, are not being given an equal say in fixing unjust global tax rules.”

Martin Hojsik further said this lost money could have gone to the provision of education, healthcare and other poverty-reducing public services. “While the multinationals prosper, the poor and marginalized will suffer. The fight for a fair global tax system should not and cannot falter.”

Developing countries have proposed the establishment of a UN global tax body where all countries would have equal say and decision making powers, unlike the OECD which currently dominates global tax rules.

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